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Brooks Westward League Cross Country
St Austell, Sunday 29th October

The Brooks Westward League is a series of six cross-country races organised by Exmouth Harriers in conjunction with running clubs from Devon and Cornwall.

The races are fairly short (about 9k for men, 5k for women) and are open to anyone who is a member of an affiliated running club. Many clubs organise minibuses and there is a good team spirit.

The second fixture of this series was held at St. Austell, Cornwall, on Sunday 29th October. The weather gods were smiling on us, perhaps because it was my birthday!, and we ran in beautiful sunshine, a marked contrast to the horribly wet fixture at Redruth earlier in the month.

The course consisted of various sized loops around both flat and hilly fields, with plenty of variation to take your mind off the pain! The ground was just right, not too muddy but with a bit of cut for your spikes. As always, organisation was slick and support was superb; maybe there should be an award for most vocal supporters!

I can thoroughly recommend having a bash at cross-country running; nothing beats it for adding strength & stamina to your winter training, and it's always great fun, even if you are near the back!

The next fixture is on Sunday, December 3rd at Exeter Arena. Your running club will be able to give you more details. Go on, have a go!

Bicton Blister 26th November 2006
This years Blister was held on a stunning November day, with Bicton and Woodbury bathed in golden sunshine and a good turnout of 337+,

It was all looking pretty good until, at the pre race briefing the race director warned of extreme muddy condition and deep puddles stretching for 15 meters, we joked about bringing our arm bands not thinking that we might actually need them.

At three miles I was submerged to my waist as I staggered threw a huge puddle, watching some rather impressive dives from the men. Throughout the race, we covered a mixture of sharp stony descents, thick gloppy mud, narrow prickly heather lined paths and a few small rivers!!! resulting in the 10/11 mile route, not forgetting the horse jump nearing the end. It was great fun!

The event, kindly sponsored by Ironbridge runner, covered a wide age categories with lots of generous prizes. Even with the war injuries and the small detour a few took, the blister was thoroughly enjoyed by all and most agreed they would do it again.

Ladies only complaint was the lack of shower facilities for us all to make our selves presentable after such a mucky race. With one leg in the sink, my friend Lucy commented that at least the water was warm, so next year boys Move over we're gate crashing your showers.